Karen’s Dream Kitchen

Budget: 30K

Actual: 27K

Hard Cost: 14K

Labor 13K

Completed in 3 weeks

Karen wanted more functionality and storage space in her kitchen, not to mention a major face-lift.
First, we installed two 24-inch pantries and several soft-close pull out drawers. For added storage space, we added 42-inch tall cabinets instead of the standard 30-inch variety. She also wanted above cabinet lighting to display her decorations, which our team installed with precision.
Karen wanted the very best in counter tops, so we splurged with top-of-the-line Bavarian marble.
Then we had a major decision to make. Karen wanted to remove the breakfast window island separator that had closed her kitchen off from the living room for so long, but she didn’t want to lose the storage space. Our solution: we made the window opening over the sink much bigger to give it an open feel (6 ft. x 6 ft. opening with 6 ft. bridge across top for display purposes). The final result? A seamless transition from wall to cabinet for a clean, fresh look.
Our flooring experts were able to match the kitchen tile with the foyer and then we tied the color scheme and design into the custom backsplash.